About Us

About Us

We, at Ratan Shree, are Passionate about Gemstones & Jewellery. We believe that Gemstones are God’s wonderful & beautiful gift to mankind. Ratnashree deals in 100% Natural, Untreated & Best Quality Gemstones & Designer Jewellery. We have a team of Gem experts/Gemologists who collect best of Gemstones direct from Mines after careful examination. We have a collection of Rare to Rarest of Gemstones like Ruby, Diamond, Pukhraj, Coral, Cat’s eye, Neelam, emerald, hessonite garnet, Pearls, etc. All Gemstones are certified by reputed Gem Testing Laboratory. So, with each Gemstone, you receive a Laboratory Report for the Authenticity of the Gemstone you buy. Each gemstone is graded very carefully on the Quality parameters so that the customer gets the best value for money.

Why Us

Today the market is flooded with Synthetics, Simulants (Lookalikes) & Treated Gemstones. Most of the Gemstones in the market are treated for Color & Clarity Enhancement to improve their outer appearance & thus higher market Price. That’s when the need & lookout for genuine Gem Supplier starts and that’s where Ratnashree stands out. we have Mine to Market supply system which means that we directly buy from mines & sell to the end customer. So, there are no middlemen and thus the customer gets gemstones at the Lowest Price. We also have in house International standard Gem Testing Laboratory. So, you can consult our Gem Experts/Gemologist about Gemstones. We will guide you to choose the best suitable gemstone within your budget.

Seal of Trust

Ratan Shree is a member of the Gems & Jewellery Export Promotion Council (GJEPC) of India (sponsored by Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Govt. of India). All our Gemstones are certified by the Reputed & Trusted Gemological & Jewellery Institute (GJI), India. GJI is a Trusted Name for the last 20 years in the field of Gemology.

Our Commitment

Ratan Shree is committed to safeguard the interest of all its Customers and provide only Certified Natural Gemstones at best price with full product information. We endeavor to educate & create awareness about Gemstones. Each Gemstone is delivered with a Laboratory Report, which guarantees the authenticity of the gemstone. The Fact that Gemstones are the nature’s precious Gift, formed over millions of years, makes them so special and Valuable. Apart from their unmatchable Beauty & Aura, Indian Vedic Astrology also vouches for their mystical powers, thus widely used for astrological benefits. Unfortunately, due to increased demand & popularity of Natural Gemstones, look-alikes of Natural Gemstones, Synthetic & Treated stones are present in the market. People wish to buy only Natural Gemstones but due to lack of information and malpractices, end-up buying synthetic or treated gemstones.